Martha Munizzi

Blessed Be The Lord(Keyboard chords)

Martha Munizzi

Key: Am

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Am7  G  Am7  G  Fmaj7  G/F  Fmaj7  E7   
Verse 1: 
Am7             G  Am7               G 
Come on everybody (Come on everybody) 
Fmaj7             G/F Fmaj7               E7   
Get up on your feet  (Get up on your feet) 
Am7                    G Am7 
Put your hands together (Put your hands together) 
 G     Fmaj7          G/F      Fmaj7 
Let's magnify His name (Let's magnify His name) 
Verse 2: 
For He is the King of kings 
He is the Lord of Lords 
He is the Holy One 
Who reigns forevermore 
1: Am7 Dm7 Blessed be the Lord E7 Am7 Who reigns forevermore Dm7 E7 Blessed be the Lord God Almighty
Other 1: (Solo) Am7 Dm7 E7 Am7 Dm7 E7
2: (Spanish) Dm7 Bendecido Sea El Senor Dm7 Que Reina Por Siempre Hoy Dm7 E7 Bendecido Sea El Senor Poderoso
Other 2: (Vamp) Am7 Dm7 E7 Am7 Dm7 E7 Tag: Am7 Ole ole ole Dm7 E7 Ole ole ole (repeat) Other 3: (Vamp) Am7 G Dm7 Am7 G Dm7 ©2000 Martha Munizzi Music (Admin. by Say The Name Publishing) All rights reserved. International copyright secured. ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

Written by Martha Munizzi

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