Mark Wills

Dont Laugh At Me(Keyboard chords)

Mark Wills

Key: D

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Intro: D  Bm G  A D  
I'm the little boy with glasses, the one they call the geek  
A little girl who never smiles, cause i've got braces on my teeth  
      G           D/F#          Em        A  
And i know how it feels, to cry myself to sleep  
I'm that kid on every playground who's always chosen last  
A single teenage mother trying to overcome my past  
          G             D/F#           Em              A  
You don't have to be my friend, but is it to much to ask  

A D Bm G A Don't laugh at me, don't call me names, don't get your pleasure from my pain A Bm G Bm G A D In gods eyes were all the same, someday we'll all have perfect wings, don't laugh at me
D I'm the cripple on the corner, youve passed me on the street Bm And i wouldn't be out here begging, if i had enough to eat G D/F# Em A And dont think i don't notice that our eyes never meet D I lost my wife and little boy, someone crossed that yellow line Bm The day we laid them in the ground, is the day i lost my mind G D/F# Em A And right now i'm down to holding, this little card board sign
G D Em A I'm fat, i'm thin, i'm short, i'm tall G D Em A I'm deaf, i'm blind hey arent we all

Written by Steve Seskin/Allen Shamblin

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