Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz(Keyboard chords)

Mark Schultz

Key: F#

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Intro:  C F Am G 
F      G 
I call, You hear me  
F                   G 
  I?ve lost it all  
And it?s more than I can bear  
I feel so empty  
You?re strong  
I?m weary  
I?m holdin? on  
But I feel like givin? in  
But still You?re with me  
C F And even though I?m walkin? through C Am The valley of the shadow C F I will hold tight to the hand of Him Am G Whose love will comfort me C F And when all hope is gone C Am And I?ve been wounded in the battle C F He is all the strength that I will G Ever need C F Am G And He will carry me
Verse 2 I know I?m broken But You alone Can mend this heart of mine You?re always with me Repeat Chorus Em Am F G And even though I feel so lonely Em Am C Like I?ve never been before Am G F You never said it would be easy Am F But You said you?d see me through G The storm Chorus
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