Mark David Manders

Three Fingers Tequila(Keyboard chords)

Mark David Manders

Key: C

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C D I had one smooth shot of 3 fingers tequila G C Just to soften up the edge C D Two hours later we were mixin? margaritas Em D C And throwin? caution to the wind C D G Singin? 'Oh no, here we go again.'
G D Em C Someone stole my keys one night in Mexico G D C And I was stranded there in Boy?s Town with nowhere left to go G D Em C So I stumbled into this bar & sat down in the back G D C When out of the blue she appeared like an angel dressed in black (repeat chorus) She said her name was Alma, at least that?s the one she used And she knew of a place that didn?t water down their booze So we slipped out the back door & she led the way Down the alley to an eight by twelve apartment where she stayed (repeat chorus) When the sun comes up in Mexico it does not make a sound I was recovering on the patio when Miss Alma came around I could have found a locksmith & been on my way But she said more with just one smile so I stayed another day (repeat chorus)

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