Mark Chesnutt

My Best Drinkin?(Keyboard chords)

Mark Chesnutt

Key: E

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   B                                       E 
We had a little fight tonight buddy it got vicious 
And all the way out the door I was duckin? dishes 
  A                                          E 
I thought I?d let her simmer down just a few degrees 
     B                                     E 
So I came in here to have a beer or two or three. 

E That?s when I do My Best Drinkin? A E When I?m thinkin? about her A E All the fussin? and fightin? A E Leaves me dyin? of thirst A Go ahead and take the keys to my car E C# Make a little room at the bar E Cause buddy when the fightin? start E My Best Drinkin?.
B E Now give me something cold and wet in a long neck bottle B E Cause she said some things to me tonight that were hard to swallow B E It?s gonna take me all night long to wash ?em down B E Cause when she makes me lose my cool one thing I?ve found. Chorus: E A E A E A A E I ain?t seein? double yet set em up Joe?s B I?m ain?t as think as you drunk I am E Hell you outta know. Chorus: A Well I?ll tell you when I?ve had enough E C# I?m just gettin? loosened up E B Cause buddy when love gets tough E That?s when I do My Best Drinkin?. ?'s [email protected]

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