Margaret Becker

Say the name(Keyboard chords)

Margaret Becker

Key: Bm

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	        Bm2		 		      A/C# 
{ / / / / }{ / / / / }{ / / / / }{ / / / / } 
	D  /C#  /B  /A   G	    D   /C#  /B /A  G 
A more sweeter sounding word these lips have never said 
   D	 A/C#    Em7	       Bm      /A      G 
A gentle name so beautiful my heart cannot forget 
	D  /C# /B /A G	     D  /C# /B  /A  G 
Just a whisper is enough to set my soul at ease 
       D     A/C#     Em7    Bm	      /A	G 
Just thinking of this Name brings my heart to peace 
	 Em7 A7/C#	 Bm		      Gmaj7 
Say the Name,   say the Name that soothes the soul 
     Em7	  A7/C#	        Bm	   /A 
The Name of gentle healing and peace immutable 
	      Em7	   A7/C# 
I'll say the Name that has heard my cry 
     Bm			/A 
Has seen my tears and wiped them dry 
     Em7	    A7/C#	             Bm   A/C# 
From now until the end of time I'll say the Name 
May I never grow so strong that my heart cannot be moved 
May I never grow so weak that I fear to speak the truth 
I will say this holy Name no matter who agrees 
For no other name on earth means so much to me 
A/C#	         D	      Bm 
    With all the honor I can find 
	        F#7	        G 
With all my heart, my soul, my mind 
	     F#m7 G6 
I'll say the Name 
A/C#	       D	      Bm 
    Without defense, without shame 
        F#7		 G D/F# Em7 Asus  A 
I will always speak the Name of Jesus 
        Em7	     A7/C#	                Bm 
...From now until the end of time I'll say the Name 
     Em7	  A7/C#	                 D  /C# /B /A G 
From now until the end of time, say the Name 
  D /C# /B /A  A/G    G	      A7sus   D 
{ /  /  /  / }{ / / / / }{ / / / / }{ / / / / } 


Written by Margaret Becker/Charlie Peacock

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