Magna Carta

Two Old Friends(Keyboard chords)

Magna Carta

Key: D

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	        DG			(2x) 
BmBm/AG 	(2x) 
D	D/C#	Bm	Bm/A 
Two old friends of mine 
G		D	A 
I saw them only yesterday 
D	D/C#	Bm	Bm/A 
They where there but I 
G			Bm		Bm/A 
Got the feeling they had gone away 
	G		A 
Gone away from each other 
D	D/C#	Bm	Bm/A	G 
But I was alone killing time 
				Bm	Bm/A	G 
A stranger in the silence of their company 
Two old friends of mine 
Is this all life has left of you? 
Who took the laughter, the times 
We said what we were gonna do 
When we were grown, ready 
To take on the world with a song 
And now the tune is one 
You can’t remember 
Em		A 
Who lost the reason 
D	D/C#	Bm	Bm/A 
For being together? 
G		A		D	Bm 
Who says the money won’t go round? 
Em		A 
Once it was love 
D	D/C#	Bm	Bm/A 
And we lived on a shoestring 
But they don’t give no mortgage 
Bm	Bm/A	G 
On a castle in the air 
Two old friends of mine 
A dripping tap 
And a broken old chair 
And if I read between the lines 
Someone’s lonely 
Someone doesn’t care 
If it’s all gone by tomorrow 
For tomorrow’s been and gone 
Like a bird 
That has no home. 
J. Chaves Rosa 
[email protected]

Written by Christopher Simpson

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