Lucas Mota Freitas

Life Walk(Keyboard chords)

Lucas Mota Freitas

Key: Dm

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	        Intro Bb/A C/A  
        Dm7 Dm7(9) Gm7 Am7 Dm7(5b) Em7(5b) 

Bb/A                 C/A 
Early I wake up It's already eight 
Dm7     Dm7(9)  Gm7 
Someone tell me now is too late but 
Am7           Dm7(5b)                     Em7(5b) 
What can I do if things gonna happen with me and you 

Bb/A               C/A          Dm7         Dm7(9)    
I take my rags and go far away, anywhere of world is 
Gm7                       Am7 
Better than that place so out of the blue 
  Dm7(5b) C/A       Gm7 
I see a person that changed my course 
Am7                     Dm7(5b)              Em7(5b) 
Now I live in the light holding in hand that always is by my side 

Bb/A           C/A       Dm7           Dm7(9) 
Daily I live a dream, my life became a thing 
  Gm7                Am7                        
I never could think. I try to live lighter 
Dm7(5b)        Em7(5b) 
Making my life just a little better 
Bb/A              C/A 
I look my way and all that stayed behind 
Dm7              Dm7(9)         Gm7 
Each challenge's worth it and it's little less hard 
          Am7                        Dm7(5b) 
Than the future in front of me cause new 
             C/A        Gm7                       Am7 
Missions are coming and have to be completed with pleasure to be 
       Dm7(5b)            Em7(5b) 
Alive, each day here is a reason to smile 

Bb/A C/A (x2) 
Dm7 Dm7(9) Gm7 Am7 Dm7(5b) Em7(5b) 

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