Loreena McKennitt

Highwayman(Keyboard chords)

Loreena McKennitt

Key: D

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The wind was a torrent of darkness 

A#        C 
among the ghastly trees 

the moon was a ghostly galleon 

A#          C 
tossed upon the cloudy seas 

G              C         F/C 
The road was a ribbon of moonlight 

D        A#     C 
over the purple moor 

         G      C        F/C 
when the highwayman came riding,  

D    A#    C 
riding, riding, 

G          C        F/C 
the highwayman came riding  

   D      A#      G 
up to the old inn door.

Written by Loreena McKennitt/Alfred Noyes

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