Lee Dewyze

Now You're Here(Keyboard chords)

Lee Dewyze

Key: Bm

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	        Bm       D     A      G      Bm     D      A      F# 
Every time I dream 
It’s you and me in the spotlight 
But life could never be this way 
I always checked her signs 
Hoping for better 
Left with the same conclusion that 
Nothing’s happening 

And as I retrogress  
Singing to myself like a siren 
Her beauty fills the night 
Like the starry sky 
Will she ever see 
What she does to me 
And will I ever tell it like it is 

G        D      A      E      G      D      A      Asus 
G        D      A      E      G      D      F#     F# 
Now you’re here and 
Luck is leaning my way 
The only thing in my sights is you      you 
Now you’re here and 
Dreams become reality 
Well it’s my turn to rule the seven seas 

verse 2 
I’ll remember the nights 
Sitting home 
All alone 
With nothing left but the thoughts of you       So true 
Wanting to hold you tight 
Willing to give everything      away 
What will this all come to? 

This girl she’s just perfection 
Intellect, humor, beauty of a goddess 
How did I even find myself here 
She leaves an Aphroditian aura 
In every room she goes 
And I’d run a million miles  
Just to see that face 

Bridge: G       D      Bm     F#     G      D      F#     F# 
When will all this end 
Will it be explained 
Forever dedicated to you

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