Kim Noblitt

Be Still My Soul(Keyboard chords)

Kim Noblitt

Key: D

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	        Verse 1: 
G/A          D  A/D G/D             D   A/D  G/D 
Be still my soul       be still my soul 
D              Bm7 Bm/A         Em7 
Cease from the la - bor and the toil 
G/A          D    A/D G/D          F#m7 
Refreshing springs        of peace await 
Bm7         Em9                    D 
To troubled minds and hearts that ache 
1: D/F# G G/A D Be still my soul God knows your way A/C# G/B D/A Em7 And He will guide for His name's sake G/A D D/F# G Em7(b5) Plunge in the ri - vers of His grace D/A G/A A D Rest in the arms of His embrace
Verse 2: Be still my soul be still my soul Though battles 'round you rage and roar One thing you need and nothing more To hear the whisper of your Lord Chorus 2: Be still My child I know your way And I will guide for My name's sake Plunge in the rivers of My grace Rest in the arms of My embrace 1997 Integrity's Praise! Music All rights reserved. International copyright secured. ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada
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