kelly carpenter

Draw Me Close To You(Keyboard chords)

kelly carpenter

Key: A

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	        A                 D 
Draw me close to you 
E                A    
   Never let me go 
E                   D 
   I'll lay it all down again 
F#m                     Dmaj7 
   To hear you say that  I'm your friend 
A             D 
You are my desire 
E                    A 
   No one else will do 
E                            D 
   Cause no one else could take your place 
F#m                     Dmaj7 
   I feel the warmth of Your embrace 
A                    D 
   Help me find the way  
E               A 
Lead me back to you 
A       E     D 
You're all I want 
A       E       D   Esus4 E 
You're all I've ever needed 
A      E      D 
You're all I want 
Bm             E       A  
Help me know You are near 
Written by: Kelly Carpenter 
©1994 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing  
You found it at E Chords 
Submitted By: David Campbell 
Ontario Canada 

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