John Willison

Captain Of Heaven(Keyboard chords)

John Willison

Key: D

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	        Verse 1: 
I hear in the distance the sound of your footsteps 
E5                                   B 
See all around me the signs of your hand 
F#m                      E/G# 
Feel my heart tremble--I see you approaching 
   A          E/G#         F#m        B 
I know deep inside you are not just a man 
E B A B You have come C#m B A E/G# You are here F#m E/G# I fall to my knees as the A B E5 Captain of Heaven appears
Verse 2: D5 I hear in your voice the sound of authority E5 B See in your hand the sword of your word F#m E/G# Feel my heart quicken--my questions are silenced A E/G# F#m B I know deep inside I must only obey Bridge: A E/G# The first time you invaded my soul A E/G# I wondered, are you a friend or a foe? E B A B But I see you now 1994 Evanston Vineyard Music (Admin. by John Willison) All rights reserved. International copyright secured. ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

Written by John Willison

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