Jerry Lee Lewis

She Sang Amazing Grace(Keyboard chords)

Jerry Lee Lewis

Key: C
C                     F                 C 
I was hard to handle  the day we said I do  
F                 C              D7                 G7 
She was just like some fine wine and I was old home brew  
C                               F                    C 
I took her to the smoky joints  where she was out of place  
F                        C          F      G7               C 
While I played those old honky tonk songs  she sang Amazing Grace  
    G7                             F                 C 
But somehow hymns and honky tonks  don't go together long  
F                     C        D7               G7 
But I kept on raising hell and she kept holding on  
C                                 F                        C 
I'm Faded Love and Cheating Heart and she's still silk and lace  
F                    C          F      G7                C 
While I played those honky tonk songs  she sings Amazing Grace  
                             F                C 
I left for a drinking night  found at any old bar  
F                         C                D7                       G7 
I'll dance and I'll flirt but it's alright cause she knows where we are  
C                                  F                          C 
She's Sunday morning Sunday school while I'm at home sleeping late  
F                     C          F      G7                      C 
Dreaming of those old honky tonk songs  while she sings Amazing Grace 

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