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Jesus The Same(Keyboard chords)

Hillsong Music Australia

Key: Dm

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Dm  Bb Gm9 x2

Verse 1: 
           F            C/E         Dm7
Theres a light in the darkness that shines 
                  C         Bb2 Gm7                   Csus4 C 
Giving hope to all the world,   hope to all the world 
          F                 C/E           Dm7 
There's a door that's been opened to  all 
                C         Bb2   Gm7                 Csus4 C 
Into a new and living way,    a new and living way 

Bb2                 F/A 
Praise the name of Jesus 
Gm7          F/A     Bb2         F/C C
Perfect re - deemer, Star of the Mor ning 
F         C/E       Bb/D          Csus4  C 
Yesterday     today     and fore     -     ver 
Bb2          Gm7          Csus4 C
    Je - sus     the Same 
Bb2          F/A          Gm7  C  (Dm  Bb  Gm9 x2)
    Je - sus     the Same
Verse 2: 
           F             C/E               Dm
There's a fire that burns   in our hearts 
                   C      Bb2  Gm7          Csus4   C
To see the lost re  turn          to the Fa   ther 
           Dm               C/E           F
It's a pas   sion that's not   of our own 
        F/A                Bb2 
We have seen it in the Son 
          Gm           C 
In the face of the Son 

Gm7  F  F/Bb  C  Gm7  F  F/Bb  C

Gm7       F  F/Bb       C
Wonderful    Counsellor
       Gm7          F 
Mighty God Eternal Father
F/Bb            C
Prince of Peace   (X3)
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