Hilary Duff

What Christmas Should Be(Keyboard chords)

Hilary Duff

Key: F

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F                  Bb 
What wishes will you make 
  Dm             C 
When the season is near 
F                  Bb 
Will your dreams be the same 
  Dm             C 
As they were last year? 
F                Bb 
Will you ask for a little 
Dm               C 
Will you ask for a lot 
And when you make your list 
Will be there something you forgot 

F Bb How about peace on earth Dm C I can't be bought or sold F Bb How about peace this christmas Dm C And someones hand to hold F Bb How about love in our hearts Dm C And hope for you and me F Bb How about peace on earth Dm C That's what christmas should be
( Same order as the first verse ) You can get all the things That you've been waiting for Snowfall and presents choire singing at your door This season will be perfect Like those picture postcards seem Bb But is that the answer C Is that what christmas really mean? CHORUS (repeat) C Dm What you sacrifice Bb C What would you give away C Dm Bb C For the greatest gift of all on christmas day CHORUS _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: manolo salvatierra([email protected])

Written by Matthew Gerrard/C. Midnight

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