Hank Williams Jr

She's Still The Star On The Stage Of My Mind(Keyboard chords)

Hank Williams Jr

Key: C

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	        C       C/B            Am       C 
Did you say she asked about me today 
  C                A            D            G 
I guess that she's heard of the records I've made 
C                   C/B         Am              C 
Tell her I've found money but I ain't found the time 
    C               Am          F           C 
But she's still the star on the stage of my mind 
Since you mentioned her, well, I've already missed 
The look of her smile and the touch of her kiss 
And I thought I was thru with feeling like this but at this point in time 
She's the star on the stage of my mind 
The runway lights whisper as the plane passes by 
Where's the dark haired young lover that was with you last time 
The stewardess smiles and the first class seat cries, 'cause to all others I'm blind 
Cause she's the star on the stage of my mind 


Written by Hank Williams, Jr.

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