Hank Williams Jr

Attitude Adjustment(Keyboard chords)

Hank Williams Jr

Key: D

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	        This one was an interesting challenge...I'm gonna 
double-check this later!! 
Thank you for helping me get the chorus right Matellmon!! 
Now I met an old friend in the bar the other night 
And he got a little drunk and wanted to fight 
       E7                                     A7 
And he jumped and challenged every man in the room 
And just about the time he got the words out 
An old boy jumped up and closed his mouth 
    A7                                       D       A 
And used his head for a mop and a butt for a broom 
Chorus 1: 
          D           B7 
It was an attitude adjustment 
        E7     A7        D 
I guess it was his first time 
       D      B7  
An attitude adjustment 
       E7               A7    
Now he understands just fine 
       D                        D7 
He got bent out of shape and he opened his mouth 
    G                  E7           
And just one old point straightened him right out  
          D          B7        E7         A7   D   
It was an attitude adjustment, it'll work everytime 
'Chords are the same progression for the rest of the song' 
Now I got this big old brother-in-law 
And me and him just never did get along 
Cause he wants to be sure I'm treatin' his sister right 
He got drunk one night and started beatin' me up 
And I went and got a tire tool out of the truck 
And laid him out as cold as a block of ice 
Chorus 2: 
It was an attitude adjustment 
And it'll work everytime 
An attitude adjustment, he loves on me all tme 
Now he say's I'm his kind of man 
And he comes around to me with his hat in his hand 
It was an attitude adjustment 
I cured all his family pride 
Now my girlfriend slapped me in the face 
And I said 'Darlin', that was your first mistake' 
Then she went wild and her eyes turned red 
She started breakin' everything and screamin' loud 
And kickin me and cussin' me out  
And I gave her a little adjustment on the top of the head 
Chorus 3: 
It was an attitude adjustment 
Awe she loves on me all the time 
Just an attitude adjustment 
She's got a whole new frame of mind 
She don't nag, I don't beg 
We along and like I said 
An attitude adjustment 
Aw, everything's just fine 
She called the cops to take me in 
And I said 'You're never gonna do it friend' 
And he just smiled and said 'Oh, yes we will' 
Now a stitch to the head and some kicks to the shin 
And several bites by Rin-Tin_Tin 
And I couldn't wait to get into that jail 
Chorus 4: 
It was an attitude adjustment 
Oh I went along peacefully 
An attitude adjustment 
They made me clearly see 
Cause my head is black and my head is blue 
And both kneecaps are bit clean through 
It was an attitude adjustment 
It'll make your outlook brand new 
It was an attitude adjustment 
It'll make your outlook brand new
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