Hal Ketchum

Long Day Comin'(Keyboard chords)

Hal Ketchum

Key: D

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(D)Close you're eyes,you got a(G)long day(D)comin'.You're 
(G)Momma will be(D)callin' that old rooster will(A)crow. 
(D)Close you're eyes,you got a(G)long day(D)comin'.You're 
(D)You should have been sleeping a(A)long time a(D)go. 
(D)There are certain things in(G)life, 
(D)That do not go the way we(A)planned them. 
(D)They are mysteries to(G) love. 
(D)You're too young to understand(A)them. 
(G)These are not tears,just (D)smoke in my eyes 
Smoke from the bridges i'm burning (A)tonight 
(Repeat 1 )
(D)Guess it's time to say (G)goodnight, 
(D)Sung you every song I (A)know. 
(D)Let me stand and watch you (G)dream 
(D)One more time before I (A)go. 
(G)Tommorrow you'll wake 
(D)And you'll wonder why. 
There's so many miles between you and(A) I. 
(repeat 1)twice 


Written by Gary Burr/Hal Ketchum

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