Guy Clark

Broken Hearted People.(Keyboard chords)

Guy Clark

Key: C

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Now broken hearted people always seem to drink and  
Em                                                 F      G        C 
tryin' to drown those sorrows ain't as easy as you think 
But living with a liar is a hard old way to go  
 Em                                                 F                    G  
Laughin' just to keep from crying ain't no way to grow old 

F C F C So take me to a barroom driver set me on a stool F C C/B Am F G C If I can't be her man I'm damned if I'll be her fool
C They say that whiskey ain't the best way, but then I ain't too smart Em F G C to think I just found out she was lyin' from the start C So if this is nothing but a bad joke lookin' for a laugh Em F G hold on to your lampshade darlin' cause I'm looking for a hat Chorus C So get this taxi movin' cause I got no time to lose Em F G C there's no time to be choosy, any old bar will do C cause I'm lookin' to get silly and I'm lookin' to get loose Em F G and if that don't get it done darlin', I'll come looking for you Chorus

Written by Guy Clark

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