Great Divide

Something Wicked(Keyboard chords)

Great Divide

Key: E

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	        E D C B E 
Esomething wicked Dthis way comes 
Ci saw the Bfire in the Esky 
Epeople runnin, Dseven years were burnin 
Cthe judges Bsaid their last Egoodbye 
Gi saw the sinners they were Don their knees again 
Ctryin to Bbuy their way back Ehome 
Gpowers feuding over Ddesolated lands 
Cman cant Blive on hate Ealone 
Esomething wicked Dthis way comes 
Clive and Bdie by the Eblade 
Ethe ace of spades has Dcome to win the day 
Cgamblin their Bretched lives Eaway 
Gi saw the outlaws Dand the desperados 
Cthey were Bridin against the Ewind 
Gdust was blowing over Ddesolated lands 
Cthey've seen toBmorrow Eagain 
Esomething wicked Dthis way comes 
Caw Bsailin across the Esea 
Ethey were tossed around and Dsome were nearly drowned 
Cwhy they Bcame no one Eagreed 
Gacross to the rocky shores Dcame the desperados 
Cthey were Bsailin against the Ewind 
Gmist was blowin over Ddesolated scenes 
Cthey've seen toBmorrow Eagain 
E D C B E (repeat until end)
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