Great Divide

College Days(Keyboard chords)

Great Divide

Key: E

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	        INTRO E D A/C# C D repeat 2x 
E                  D 
thinkin back to my college days 
A/C#         C      D 
man that was such a haze 
E           D 
always some party goin on 
        A/C#                    C 
someone up gettin drunk,soemone down gettin stoned 
                  E             D 
the jimmy hendrix poster in the hall 
A/C#    C       D           E     
coverin up that hole in the wall  
D A/C# C D 
<E>                       D 
five for a dollar man the price is right 
A/C#                 C           D 
ramen noodles almost every night 
E                        D 
credit will surely cover spring break 
      A/C#                       C 
but i might just sit at home, and buy me a steak 
       E               D 
well i ate it all by myself  
A/C#    C           D 
told my roommates to go to hell 
E Esus4 E 
A                 B 
If youre goin downtown to the liquor store 
E          B         A 
bring me a bottle of wine 
       E                     F#m 
i been Etaken myself much to seriously lately 
A               B 
and i need to unwind 
   A                          B 
so fire up the charcoal we'll sit in the yard 
E          B           A 
get primed up and head out to the bars 
E                     B                 A 
i wonder whose playin down on the strip tongiht 
hey man, lifes alright 
E - D - A/C# - C - D (2x) 
    E                           D 
its penny beer night at the bar hoppin around 
        A/C#                    C         D 
someone breakin a heart someone layin one down 
E                         D 
waitin in the line at the all night cafe 
  A/C#                      C 
i drank all my money how am i gonna pay 
        E             D 
and its oh my spinnin head 
A/C#    C        D 
and its one foot off the bed 
E Esus4 E 
End SOLO  
E D A/C# C D (8x, then end on E)
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