George Strait

Adalaida(Keyboard chords)

George Strait

Key: B

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it's pretty 'strait'forward (sorry) the 
way I play it.... 

A E Adalida, pretty little cajun queen E sweet dixie flower, the belle of the bayou A you're every young man's dream A D Adalida, I'd walk thru a hurricane E to stand beside you sweet Adalida A I'd swin the Pontchartrain
A E Oh no, here you comin down the road With your cotton dress a swishin', you gettin some attention A from all the boys in Thibodaux A D Oh my you really fillin up their eyes E smilin' and a winkin', I know what they're thinkin' A but I'm the only one who loves you so! REPEAT CHORUS oh no, the hottest little dish I know I know you can tell it, your makin me so jealous, From my head down to my toes oh me, you could make a redneck green, the way that your a lookin', you got me cookin' and I ain't talkin 'bout Etoufee'

Written by Mike Geiger/Michael Huffman/Woody Mullis

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