George Ducas

Long Trail Of Tears(Keyboard chords)

George Ducas

Key: E

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	        Intro chords: E   F#7   A   B  twice 
E                   G#m   A                    E  B 
Got my hands on the wheel, all night I've been rolling 
C#m                  G#m A                        G#m B 
Since you' ve run to him, I don' t care where I'm go—in’ 
A                 G#                  C#m            A 
'Cause any road I take won' t make my heartache disappear 
E         C#m            A B             E 
And every road winds up a  long trail of tears 
E F# A B 'Cause it' s a one way, lonely highway, tears fall like rain E F# A B Cause all I see is your memory with each step I take A G# C#m A If you ever have a change of heart, you' ll find me waiting here E C#m A B E Baby just follow the long trail of tears
I stood by watching while our bridges crumbled And I drove you away to the arms of another I could drive for miles and miles if I could hold you near But I' m bound to travel a long trail of tears Chorus Baby just follow my long trail of tears

Written by George Ducas

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