The Carpet Crawlers(Keyboard chords)


Key: D

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D                                   Em 
The crawlers cover the floor in the red ochre corridor 
for my second sight of people they've more lifeblood than before 
they're moving in time        to a  heavy wooden door 
where the needle's eye is winking   closing on the poor 
The carpet crawlers heed their callers 
A                         G         A  
You got to get in to get ou  -  -  -t 
A                         G         Bm 
You got to get in to get ou  -  -  -t 
Bm                 C                D 
You got to get in  to get ou -  -  -t 
And that's basically it. The other verses follow the same chrds as the  
first, and the outro is repeating 'you got to get in to get out' over 
the verse chords, with another run through the chorus if you'd like. 
Have fun with it! 


Written by Genesis

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