Gene Watson

Love In The Hot Afternoon(Keyboard chords)

Gene Watson

Key: E

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     E                           A             E 
From somewhere outside, I hear a street vendor cry 'filet gumbo' 
        E                 A              E 
From my window I see him, going down the street and he don't know 
        E             C#m          E            C#m       E  
That we fell right to sleep in the damp tangled sheets so soon 
      E           B        E 
After love in the hot afternoon 
        B                    A                         E 
Now the Bourbon street lady, sleeps like a baby in the shadows 
        B          A                          E 
She was new to me, full of mystery, but now I know 
     E            C#m       E          C#m       E 
That she's just a girl, and I'm just a guy, in a room 
    E           B         E 
For love in the hot afternoon 
       E                      A                  E 
We got high in the park, this morning and we sat, without talkin' 
     E                          A                E 
Then she came back here, in the heat of the day, tired of walkin' 
      E         C#m         E            C#m    E  
Where under her breath, she hummed to herself a tune 
   E           B        E 
Of love in the hot afternoon 

Written by Vince Matthews/Kent Westberry

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