Gene Watson

Carmen(Keyboard chords)

Gene Watson

Key: D

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	        Intro chords: 
D  A  E  A 
   D                        A 
Oh Carmen, I had too much tequila 
        E                                   A 
Between you and this Mexican moon Iím gonna fall 
        D                       A 
El Paso lady, youíre driving me crazy 
     E                                        A 
In a language I donít understand, you said it all 
          D                     A 
Dusty old Juarez on the old Rio Grande 
             E                     A 
Itís sure is handy when you need a friend 
               D                         A 
I donít belong here, your dark eyes keep warning 
                  E                                 A 
Iíll leave in the morning but for now please let me in 
Crossing over the border, stepping over the line 
Drunk on yesterdays wine and still feeling the flame 
The guitars keep playing a song Iíve never heard 
Without saying a word, you keep calling out my name
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