BetterThan It Was(Keyboard chords)


Key: A

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	        INTRO: A - A 
Once I had it all planned out  
My dirty fingers moved about 
    D               E          A             E 
To make a mess of everything around me 
I don't claim to know my way 
I still run in circles every day 
Running around half blind 
 Dm          E 
Life can be unkind  
A But its better than it was F#m Better than it was D E I complain very little because A Its better than it was
I get to rembering We had a lot more money then To make a mess of everything around us Now the money comes and goes a bit faster Than my confidence grows Everybody knows Dm E There ain't nothing new about money woes REFRÃO F#m E It was bad a while ago Dm E7 Better this I know _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Daniel Ramalho([email protected])

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