Settle For Love(Keyboard chords)


Key: Em

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Intro: Em, Bm, Em, Bm, Am, G, D (2x)  
Em  Bm           Em        Bm   
    Donīt misunerstand me 
Am                      G     D  
    I was just a little kid 
Em  Bm                Em          Bm 
    Thinkinī that the street life  
Am                      G       D  
    Was the only way to live  
       Am               Bm 
Always holdinī out for another thrill 
F#m             C#m       Bm  
   Weīve come a long long way 
           F#m          C#m        Bm  
So tell me why canīt we settle for love 
           F#m         C#m        Bm 
Is it that hard at the end of the day? 
        A            E          Bm  
Tell me why canīt we settle for love 
            A           E        Bm 
Before itīs too late 
Whatever it is you thing youīre missinī 
Time to let your heart go 
Cause when you walk this kind of distance 
We canīt fool each other anymore 
Maybe there is a light that wonīt go out..., 
G#m, D#m, C#m (3x) 
B, F#, C#m 


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