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Flowers On The Wall ( W/ Intro And A Few Pointers)(Keyboard chords)

Eric Heatherly

Key: B

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	        Eric Heatherly:  
Flowers On The Wall ( W/ Intro And A Few Pointers)

Alright I'm tired of people trying to make this song harder than what it really is. I have no Idea where some of these people come up with this stuff. Not to put anyone down but this song is to easy to complicate. The trick to this song is hybrid picking. I explained how to do it in a correction I made in the other one, then I decided just to go ahead and tab it out myself. This song is a great intro into hybrid picking. After all, it's a good trick to know. Alright here we go. Use your middle and ring fingers to pick the D and G strings in the verse. Hold the pick between your thumb and your index fingers like normal. Use the pick to hit the bass notes in the verse and to strum and pick the notes in the intro and chorus. Play the chords like this. Try to make each note stand out just a little. Play the chords the way I showed for the verse. Here this the rest. B I keep hearing your concerns G#m about my happiness. C#m All I throught you've given me was F# a conchance I guess. B If I were walking in your shoes G#m I wouldn't worry none. C#m While you and your friends are worried about me F# I'm having lots of fun. For the Chorus It isn't hard to figure this out. The G#m Thing e---4---4-4-4-- B---4---4-4-4-- G---4---4-4-4-- D---6---6-4-6-- A---6---6-4-6-- E---4---4-4-4-- G#m thing Here> Counting flowers on the wall That don't bother me all G#m thing Here> Playing solitare till dawn With a deck of fifty-one E Smoking cigarettes and a watchin captain kangroo F# now tell me E F# I have nothing to do. B Last night I dressed in tales pretending G#m I was on the town. C#m As long as i can dream it's hard F# To slow this swinger down. B Please don't give a thought to me G#m I'm really doing fine C#m You can always find me here F# Having quite a time Chorus The solo is over the verse. I think you can trust axehappy with his solo It sounds right. B Well it's good to see you I must go G#m I know I look a fright. C#m Anyway my eyes are not F# A custom to this light. B And my shoes a not a custom G#m to this hard concrete C#m so I must go back to my room F# and make my day complete. Chorus Play the intro as the outro. Yours Truely Chad Wall A.K.A The Legend Just for anyone who is wondering, My friends gave me the nickname 'The legend'. So I decided to use it here. Peace out.

Written by Lew DeWitt

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