Elvis Presley

Wear My Ring Around Your Neck(Keyboard chords)

Elvis Presley

Key: D

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	        (t) Wont you wear my D ring, up around your D neck.  
To tell the world, I'm yours by A7 heck.  
Let them D see, D7 your love for G me,  
And let them D see by the A7 ring (t) around your D neck. D Dsus D  
(t) Wont you wear my C ring, up around G7 your C neck  
To tell the world, I'm yours by G7 heck.  
Let them C know, C7 I love you F so,  
And let them C know by the G7 ring (t) around your C neck.{C} F7 C7  
They F7 say that going steady is C not the proper C7 thing.  
They F7 say that we're too young to know the C meaning of the C7 ring.  
I F7 only know I love you and C that you love me too.  
So D7 darling this is what I ask of G7 you.  D7/5- G7  
(t) Wont you wear my C ring......... etc  
(t) denotes tacet  


Written by Bert Carroll & Russell Moody

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