Eleven Hundred Springs

Steel Guitar And A Fiddle(Keyboard chords)

Eleven Hundred Springs

Key: A

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	        A                                 E 
Iíve been a rambliní man half of my life itís true 
    E                                  A 
And where Iíve laid my hat has been my home 
          A                                   D         D/C#   Bm 
No matter where I am when I feel like this, I know what I must do 
           E                                A 
I gotta to go someplace where I donít feel alone 
      A                                   E 
These little places that ainít so hard to find 
      E                                   A 
All I gotta do is keep my ear down to the ground 
   A                                 D       D/C#     Bm 
In every state there lies a place to ease my state of mind 
      E                             A 
All I gotta to do is listen for the sound 
A D Of the steel guitar and the fiddle E A No matter where I am they make me feel at home A D When the steel guitar and the fiddle E A Carry me back to Texas wherever I may roam
Thereís a little girl in the next town that I know Iíd love to stay with her but I just canít take that chance Cause Ďround the bend thereís a different world that waits for me I know And I can tell whatís on her mind each time we dance The wanting in her eyes ainít hard to see She longs for me to stop and settle down But I just smile and say ďWhen I'm back this way, you know just where Iíll be Where the music plays the notes that help the whiskey go down Where the: Chorus Chorus Carry me back to Texas Wherever I may roam

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