Driftless Pony Club

Safe As Houses(Keyboard chords)

Driftless Pony Club

Key: D

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You wake up singing, Rabbit, rabbit 
Em                       Bm 
I sing the same song, I know where it comes from 
It's getting clearer through the static, static 
Em                        Bm 
Tender to the lightbulb, tied to a new clause 

Am                      C 
I know 'cause it comes easy to you 

             G                   Bm 
I tried to compromise where our bodies start 
     Em                   D          C 
And now I can't tell the two of us apart 
            G                 Bm 
And every dirty thought and smoky cough 
        Em         D               C 
Spills over our teeth and out my mouth 


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