Dexys Midnight Runners

Lets Make This Precious(Keyboard chords)

Dexys Midnight Runners

Key: Am
Am     G      Am  Bm  Am  Bm  E 
Am     G      Am  Bm  Am  Bm  E  E7 

verse 1 
D         F#m      Gmaj7                  F#m 
puuuuuuuuure, this must be, it has to be 
D                     F#m 
pure, let's make this pure 
(do you mean it?) yes i do 
(then let's sing it) certainly, but 
D                                       F#m 
first bare your hearts and cleanse your souls 
(and then?) let's try and, let's try and, let's try and 
let's make this precious, like this 

E      A      D      Bm 
E      A 
                D         Bm 
let's make this precious 

verse 2 
      D                                         F#m 
we're striving, we're striving, we're striving, striving over here 
      Gmaj7                         F#m 
(ever nearer?) i think so, (visions clearer) of course, of course 
    D                            F#m 
but still we must forsake all to win 
         Gmaj7                       F#m 
(all temptation?) everything (for salvation?) now you're talking 
     D                        F#m 
then let this apply to all we do 
(and then?) our striving will guide us 
and somehow i think that we'll win 

E A D Bm let's make this precious E A D Bm first let's hear somebody
Interlude N.C. sing me a record that cries pure and true no not those guitars. they're too noisy and crude Em7 G D/A Bm the kind that convinces refuses to leave Bm/E there's no need to turn it up if it's pure i'll feel it from here thank you but no thanks, this goes out from here Instrumental E Abm F#m Abm E Abm F#m Abm Outro E A D Bm let's make this precious, (i think we probably will) (ablib)

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