Dead Poetic

Glass In The Trees(Keyboard chords)

Dead Poetic

Key: C#m

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	        Glass In The Trees 
by Dead Poetic (I wish they'd come back) 
tabbed by Joner356 

I couldn't find any chord versions for this song despite it being perhaps the most  
popular of their songs. I'm not good at tabbing, but these chords sounded okay to me. I'm  
open for changes if it makes 

it sound better. Post them in the comments. 

Intro: C#m  A  F#m  G#m  A 

verse 1: 
      I don't want to come back here, to this place. 
A                                      F#m                      G#m       A 
      It's a cold that only comes from blaming yourself for two decades wasted. 
      And I don't want to come back here, to this place. 
A                                    F#m               G#m    A 
      When it all just repeats in my head again, and I cannot stop it. 

Interlude: C#m B C#m B, C#m B C#m B 

Chorus 1: The C#m --> B optional. It makes it sound more like the guitar part, but you  
can just play C#m and it is okay 
        C#m B        C#m B      E 
And the glass in the trees, and all you left here, 
         C#m B    C#m B         E 
Reflects every    thing         that I missed. 
repeat once 

verse 2: Same chord progression as verse 1. 
And the pavement is still warm from the tires. 
I can still feel the fright that the night brings. 
Every song that you'd sing. 
And I won't ever come back here to this place. 
All I ever do is picture you smiling, and then picture you leaving. 

Interlude again 
Chorus 2: a repeat of Chorus 1 

Bridge part 1: 
A        G#m 
    Slow down. 
repeat thrice 
A                              G#m 
    I'll try and make it up to you. 
repeat once 
They've cut down the trees to try to forget you. 
But I took a vow to never forget you. 
   A                               G#m 
If you're still here, then we're waiting. 
Repeat once 

Bridge part 2: same chords as verses 
We'll wait for you to come back home to the broken little foes. 
Until the guilt grows and grows. 
         F#m                      G#m     A 
When the time that's wasted comes back to haunt me. 
           C#m                              A 
And I'll deserve every bit. because I'm not spiritual yet. 
         F#m                         G#m          A 
I'm just reading the lines they gave me from the pulpit. 
screaming part: 
          C#m                  A 
And it's not fading off, we remember the years. 
      F#m                          G#m          A 
As we sift through the laughter to find all the tears. 
            C#m                        A 
And I'm not worthy of grievance, I did nothing to prevent this. 
    F#m                      G#m          A 
And standing at your grave, I could have caused this.

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