Dandelion Hands

Oct 31st(Keyboard chords)

Dandelion Hands

Key: F

        F        E7 
with a love misplaced 
   Am                Cadd9              F 
i wander around this town that i'm not from 
             E7               Am 
but call my home to those who ask 
       F                      E7 
and i see what's left of my face 
         Am         Cadd9 
in the window of a coffee shop 
       F             E7                Am 
that always used to get my order wrong 


Am                 Dm 
     where are my eyes? 
i'm no skin, just bone 
am i losing my mind? 
no i remember it's time 

Am Dm october 31st has come E7 Am time to dig up my bones Am Dm E7 i hope they'll be of more use to you Am Dm because all i ever got was pain E7 Am and a bullet in my brain Am Dm E7 now no one will ever know the truth
F E7 Am Cadd9 there's room in my heart for two F E7 Am baby cat and you

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