Cory Morrow

She Dont Know Where Shes Going(Keyboard chords)

Cory Morrow

Key: E

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	        Capo second fret 
intro - D A D 
                                             D7            G 
Well the stage was set, so was I the barroom lights were dim 
           D                                           A 
Hank Thompson's on the jukebox, when she came struttin in 
          D                          D7            G 
She was a honky tonk angel, from the wild side of life 
           D                                     A            D       D7 
she said I know just how to love you boy but I'll never make a wife 

G Oh and she wants to be with me tonight D G (pause) and it might be a sin D she dont know where shes goin A D I dont care where shes been
Verse 2 D7 G Well she was a bar room dream, jukebox queen, she just about blew my mind D A see a problem like her boy, sure is hard to find D D7 G well it weren't her first rodeo, that was plain to see D A D D7 yea but I could ride a bull the way shes lookin now at me Chorus Verse 3 D7 G well, she never had a plan, she just lived it night by night D A now lord I know its wrong but dang, she looks so right D D7 G and I never had a chance cuz she was more than i could stand D A D D7 I came here a bar room fool i went home a honky tonk man Chorus no she dont know where shes goin A G D I dont care where shes been
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