Considering Lily

Beautiful You(Keyboard chords)

Considering Lily

Key: E

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	        INTRO:  B E B E A B E 
        E                                                     A 
You may have dyed your hair a shade that freaks your mother out. 
    E                      A                               B 
It may be green but it looks clean, did you try to rinse it out. 
      E                                          A                  B 
You may grill meat at Burger King for a part time job. 
      E                      A                              B 
You may have your father's name, and that name may be Bob. 
       E                               C#m          A                  B 
You may have pierced your body parts one too many times. 
       E                    C#m                 B                    E 
And have a huge collection of those Japanese wind chimes. 
B                  E 
     Beautiful you, 
B                  E 
     All of the time. 
                   A                     B 
     Jesus in you makes you shine. 
     Beautiful you. 


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