Collective Soul

Good Night Good Guy(Keyboard chords)

Collective Soul

Key: E

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	        E                        F# 
Somebody told me about a worn out distraction  
A                           E 
That I had let slip away 
E                            F# 
Then it comes back and rides my shoulders 
A                                 E 
And burdens me every new day 
{Ponte 1} 
A                                        F# 
Well I'll just sit here like a slow burn out 
A                                  B               
And try to figure out how to do without you 
{Refrão}(com distorção!)(Na pedaleira Zoom recomendo A4) 
E5                 B5        C#5             B5  A5 
Who's going to straighten me up when I'm leaning 
E5             B5        C#5             B5      A5 
Who's going to soothe my heart when it's burning 
E5             B5     C#5    A5                   B5  
Who's going to be the one to tell me everything's alright 
Well, Goodnight, Good Guy 
E                         F# 
I'll break the bread of a new day and wonder 
A                      E 
If Faith will carry me along 
E                         F# 
But days are longer as my heart gets weaker and 
A                      E 
I can only stay so strong 
{Ponte 2} 
A                                        F# 
Well I'll just sit here like a wounded soul 
A                                       B 
Who's finding it difficult to just let go 
{Ponte 3} c/distorção 
I'm gonna let you sleep 
Ab5                                  B5 
I'll let you fade off in the night 
I pray the Lord to keep 
Ab5                                 B5 
I pray the Lord to hold you tight 
Well, goodnight. 

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