Clay Crosse

I surrender all(Keyboard chords)

Clay Crosse

Key: D

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INTRO: A/G (2x) 
           G                              B 
I have wrestled in the darkness of this lonely pilgrim land  
          Em                        Dsus                   D  
Raising strong and mighty fortresses that I alone command  
             G                                B 
But these castles I've constructed by the strength of my own hand  
             Em                     Dsus               G/B  
Are just temporary kingdoms on foundations made of sand  
          C                     G/B                     
In the middle of the battle I believe I've finally found  
             C                                    G             G/B  
I'll never know the thrill of victory 'til I'm willing to lay down  
          C                            B           Em      
All my weapons of defense and earthly strategies of war  
         Am           G/B               C                Dsus  
So I'm laying down my arms and running helplessly to Yours  
D G/B C G/B I surrender all my silent hopes and dreams B Em Dsus Though the price to follow cost me everything D G/B C D I surrender all my human soul desires B Em If sacrifice requires Em D C That all my kingdoms fall Dsus C I surrender all Asus2 G D/F# G I surrender all)
VERSE 2: (Follow same chord progression as first verse) G B If the source of my ambition is the treasure I obtain Em Dsus D If I measure my successes on a scale of earthly gain G B If the focus of my vision is the status I attain Em Dsus G/B My accomplishments are worthless and my efforts are in vain C G/B So I lay aside these trophies to pursue a higher crown And should you to somehow use the life I willingly lay down C B Em I surrender all the triumph for it's only by Your grace C G/B C Dsus I relinquish all the glory, I surrender all my praise BRIDGE: Am G/B Everything I am, all I've done, and all I've known C G/B Now belongs to You, the life I live is not my own Am B Em Just as Abraham laid Isaac on the sacrificial fire Am G/B Dsus If all I have is all that You desire D G/B C G/B B Em Dsus I surrender all Chorus E A D E Db I surrender all my human soul desires F#m F#m E D If sacrifice requires that all my kingdoms fall F#m E D That all my kingdoms fall F#m E D E That all my kingdoms fall E/G A I surrender all

Written by Regie Hamm/David Moffitt

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