Chris Tomlin

You Are My Treasure(Keyboard chords)

Chris Tomlin

Key: G#

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G              D 
Faithful Lord, fill my cup, 
            C        G 
With Your grace and love, 
       C        D 
Your grace and love. 
      G                  D 
The pleasures that this world's sure of, 
      C         G           C       D 
Will never be enough, can never be enough; 
C G 'Cause I'm created for You alone, D G Bought with a price, I'm not my own. C G Seated in the heavenlies, D G And there's no place I'd rather be, Em C D Than with You forever Lord, G You are my treasure.
1995 Maranatha! Music (Admin. by The Copyright Company) All rights reserved. International copyright secured. ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

Written by Chris Tomlin

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