Caleb And Sol Rexius

Rescue(Keyboard chords)

Caleb And Sol Rexius

Key: C

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C, F, G x3 
Am, G 
F, Am, G 

C  F        G            
In times of trial 
C    F             G 
When all i know is fear lord 
C   F              G 
I'm sinking in the mire 
        Am             G 
And the waters swallow me 
        F                       Am         G 
And the flood sweeps down and I just can't hear 

my throat is parched 
My eyes they grow dim Lord 
I'm  weary from crying 
Oh Lord, mighty are those who destroy me 
and those who attack me with lies 

Am G F You come to my rescue Am G My rescue Am G F You're my rescue Am G Rescue
Verse: You are my comfort You are my right hand You are my fortress And I run to you and you take me in and you lift me up, again
You come to my rescue My rescue You're my rescue Rescue
bridge/rap: I waited for the Lord to save, I waited patiently And at his perfect time, he rose and turned his ear to me He brought me off the slimy pits and pending to great despair he showed me love, he showed me that he really cares My spirit's strong, but I'm weak in the flesh the flesh is what's left of this pride that I've kept So I, I'm back at your feet, ashamed that I left you Forever and on, you come to my rescue.
You come to my rescue My rescue You're my rescue Rescue

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