Caedmon's Call

Before There Was Time(Keyboard chords)

Caedmon's Call

Key: D

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		     Dsus2			A 
1.	Before there was time, there were visions in Your mind  
	There was death in the fall of mankind 
	But there was life in salvation's design  
		             Dsus2			A 
	And before there were days, there were nights I could not see Your face  
	But the night could not keep me from grace 
	When You came and took my place  
	                A	           G	             Dsus2	A			 
	So I cry holy only begotten Son of God, Ancient of Days  
	                A	           G	         Dsus2	                  A			 
	I cry holy only begotten Son of God, and sing the praises  
	           Em7	       G9		Em7        Asus 
	Of the One who saved me, and the promises He made  
		    Dsus2			A 
2.	Before there was time, You counted the hairs on my head  
	You knew all the words I've said 
	And You purchased me back from the dead  
		Dsus2			A 
	Before I was made, You searched me and knew my ways  
			Em9			G 
	You numbered all my days, and You set forth the steps I would take  
	         Bm     G	Bm   G 
	You saved me, and You raised me 
	         Bm	G	Em9   	       G 
	You saved me, and You pulled me from the grave 
Last: 	Before there was time

Written by Aaron Senseman/Cliff Young

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