Bryan Adams

Flying(Keyboard chords)

Bryan Adams

Key: C

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	        C                        Am               G 
If you ever feel like your gonna fall - oh I'll be there 
C                            Am               G 
And If you ever feel down or feel small - oh don't despair 
F                                               G 
And If you ever feel lost or feel alone - babe come on home 
F                          C 
Lets just make love - all night 
F                        C 
Lets just hold on - so tight 
F                     G 
Lets make it last for life - I won't let you go 
Yeah we're flying 
Feels just like Flying 
              F       C               G 
We're such a long way up - from the ground 
                 F           C 
Just you and me Flying, so high and  
We're never gonna come down 
Then you just repeat for verse two 


Written by Bryan Adams, Robert Lange

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