Brian Rung

All The Way To Waycross(Keyboard chords)

Brian Rung

Key: E

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Your mama said I ain't no good, your daddy said it too 
Well I've said all I got to say and I ain't got through to you 
               A                    E 
Got through to you, what's a boy to do 
       B7                                                E 
comin' all the way to Waycross just to stand in line for you 
Well I'm stuck out along side of the road with my thumb up in the air 
Well ain't got a place to be and I sure ain't got a prayer 
Ain't got a prayer, what's a boy to do 
Put a thousand miles behind me just to kill these Georgia blues 
A Here I come E I'm a-rolling through B7 Coming all the way to Waycross E Just to steal a kiss from you
Well I hope you're waiting for me when I'm coming up the drive Hope we're gonna do them things make me glad that I'm alive Put on your dress, your dancing shoes Coming all the way to Waycross just to cut a rug with you Well it's four o'clock in the morning or three in the afternoon On a two-way road to Sunday or a one-way to the blues Tell me why, Babe, tell me when Put a candle in the window and I'll be back again Chorus I'd kill a thousand months of Sundays With these Waycross Georgia blues
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