Brian Doerksen

You Are Everything (Everything I Need)(Keyboard chords)

Brian Doerksen

Key: C

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C F/C C F 
G          Am           F           C 
My soul is yearning for Your living stream 
G           Am         F 
My heart is aching for You 
G          Am          F             C 
All that I long for is found in Your heart 
     G F              C 
You are everything I need 
G You are the thirst Am You are the stream F C G/B You are the hunger living deep inside of me Am F You are the food that satisfies C/E F G You are provision for the journey of our lives Am F G C You are everything You are
2004 Integrity's Hosanna! Music All rights reserved. International copyright secured. ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

Written by Brian Doerksen / Steve Mitchinson

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