Brian Doerksen

I Lift My Eyes Up(Keyboard chords)

Brian Doerksen

Key: C

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	        Intro:C F/C C F/C C F/C C G 
C         F/C     C      F/C 
I lift my eyes up to the mountains 
C             F/C  C    G 
Where does my help come from 
C             F/C 
My help comes from You 
C        F/C    C       F/C C   G 
Maker of heaven Creator of  the earth 
C/E      F        C/E             F 
Oh how I need you Lord You are my only hope 
C/E       F  C G 
you’re my only prayer 
C/E       F        C/E             F 
So I will wait for you to come and rescue me 
C/E      F    C  G 
Come and give me life 

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