Blue Ocean

Only lies(Keyboard chords)

Blue Ocean

Key: Am

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     Am              C 
:||I guess this is it 
      G                          D 
It?s now I?m going to fall 
Am                  C   
Broken of this world and 
Em                         D 
Surrounded by this wall, I'm whacked of 
Pre. Chorus: 
F#m                      A           E 
This, live on only lies and empty words 
     F#m           A      Bsus B  
Of things that never wore, I?m lost in 
C#m   F#m      B               A           Bsus  B 
Only--lies now brings me ignoring eyes, which makes me realize that 
C#m   F#m   B A     Bsus   B    Bm 
This---world is only build?up by lies 
Am, D, Am, D||: 


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