Blue Highway

Ahead Of The Storm(Keyboard chords)

Blue Highway

Key: A

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	        	 key of A 
Intro      D     A     D 
D                             A            D 
Storm clouds they gather, they get in the way 
D                         G             D 
Darkness arises, makes the night out of day 
D                       G              D 
Whatever the season, my faith keeps me warm 
D                   A            D 
My Lord he keeps me ahead of the storm 
G D Ahead of the storm away from dark clouds G A He hears me whisper, or crying out loud D G D When the wind gets to much, and my heart gets torn D A D My Lord, He keeps me ahead of the storm
D A D Though tossed by the water, Im still in His hands D G D For He is the ruler of the sea and the land D G D He never promised a life where I would not mourn D A D But he still keeps me safely ahead of the storm CHORUS 2Xs

Written by Shawn Lane

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