Black Crowes

Twice as Hard(Keyboard chords)

Black Crowes

Key: G

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	        composição: c. Robison / R. Robison 
1.G G B A G  C ? 3X  e na quarta vez:G G B A G C F C 
2. G C G C 
G       C	                 G 
YEAH !Clean as a whistle 
C                       G 
Smellin' like a rose 
              C                   G 
She got no dirty little fingers 
   C                C     F 
Bloodshot eyes are gone 
              C      F 
Tell me I'm wrong 
         G             C 
         Twice as Hard 
         As it was the first time 
         I said goodbye 
F                         C 
 And no one ever wanna' know 
Love ain't funny 
A crime in the wink of an eye 
G       C                           G 
       Your sister always singing 
     C                    G 
She play the step child 
      C                 G 
A broken little memory 
     C                     C  F 
Her heart was never kind 
              C     F 
Tell me I'm blind 
(Repeat Chorus) 
                          C          F 
Yeah, bloodshot eyes are gone 
              C           F 
Tell me I'm wrong  
(Repeat Chorus 5 times)  
Grande som, boa curtição - Rodrigo Volpe 

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